"Working with Rachel Linnett is a true gift.  Be prepared as she guides you on a journey into the depths of your highest truth, your highest self.  I have experienced great stillness, expansion and peace in my sessions with Rachel, coming away with an open heart and clarity.  Her wisdom runs deep and you can't help but to feel her grace as she effortlessly allows the energy to flow.  She is a masterful practitioner of healing through energy and I emphatically recommend Rachel's great offerings."

Brenna Smith, NC

"My heart and soul truly enjoy participating in meditations that Rachel leads. She has a unique gift in which she silently, yet powerfully embodies love, sharing it with those who are in her presence. Two weeks following my most recent meditation experience with her, the intention that I set during the meditation came to fruition. I strongly feel that her level of mindfulness helped bring forth that healing experience."

Kristen Oliver, NC

“I have worked with Rachel Linnett since 2008 and it’s been a wonderful and life changing journey for me.  When I first started working with her I had been through an arduous divorce and had recently realized I was severely abused as a child.  Our time together has been very powerful in healing my past and resetting the direction of my life.  I am truly grateful for all Rachel has helped me to accomplish.  I am free of so many damaging beliefs and emotions.  I have been able to let go of those who hurt me and actually forgive, love and accept them as a part of my life.  I have also come to the level of "being grateful" for these events in my life because now I see them as some of my "greatest gifts".  All this was made possible by trusting Rachel and her expertise.”

Lou Samara, NJ

“When I went to see Rachel, it was right after one of those heart wrenching break ups...

During the guided meditation, Rachel led me to a place far below the pain. I reached a place of complete peace and for the first time experienced what I think long time meditators talk about…that all encompassing, expansive, tranquil place of love, acceptance and oneness with the Divine. Along with this peace came the remembrance of my own Truth and perfection. My gifts in this world came flooding back to me and I shifted my beliefs and my life in a way I never dreamt possible. Now, my experience of life is so much richer, sweeter and joyful. Most importantly, I know I will never go back to the limited view I used to hold of myself and those around me. The work I did with Rachel was absolutely priceless and I highly recommend her to anyone wanting to experience their life in a much fuller, richer way!"

Sheila Kilbane, MD, NC

“Working with Rachel has been an incredible experience that has helped me tremendously on my path of personal development and self-awareness. She has assisted me in returning to center, and remembering who I really am, my true self. In particular, I see new possibilities in my life, and I am now free of fears that have held me back in my intimate relationships and in my career.”

Tom B

"Rachel is a highly gifted, intuitive healer. She brings an enormous 'toolbox' of skills, wisdom and knowledge to her sessions along with an innate ability to bring clarity, guidance and understanding to any of life's issues and challenges. I found her deeply connected to Spirit. Rachel is a warm, kind and giving person and I highly recommend her services."

Donna, RN, MA, NJ

“Rachel is a gifted wordsmith who gently guides you into your most quiet, still, truthful, loving self. Her words flow naturally, never intrusive, and beckon you to succumb to your most natural state, one of deep relaxation. Her work is both subtle and profound, revealing yet completely gentle, bringing forth vulnerability, yet at the same time feeling perfectly safe. I felt so peaceful, so content, so full, after a session with her, and left the meditation knowing that my most natural state is one of unconditional love. I also had a better understanding of my own stress triggers, and felt better equipped to process ‘my stuff’ from working with her. I cannot say enough what a gifted, loving healer Rachel is. She is an absolute gem and I recommend her to anyone seeking a deeper sense of being."

Susan Audino, NC

"Rachel offers a safe and nurturing environment that allows me to be open, honest, and to explore my emotions and thoughts. Her firm but gentle way is encouraging and supportive. I feel she holds a beautiful space during our sessions, and truly desires the highest good for all. Working with Rachel I have uncovered and healed many limiting beliefs, and gained a greater sense  of who I really am. Connecting with this deep knowing of my authentic self has enriched my passion for life, and given me greater clarity and trust in the Divine. I am now more accepting of myself and others, and more open in my relationships. I feel a peace within that never leaves me. I am grateful and forever thankful for our time together."

Robin, NC 

“I worked with Rachel after experiencing events that had turned my life upside down, and left me feeling mentally paralyzed. The biggest thing that happened that I am most grateful for is that the dark swirling cloud that terrified me and paralyzed me both at work and at home has totally disappeared. I cannot tell you how much this has helped me. The trust we established, together with the work we did gave me a clarity that I now realize had been missing for years. It was investment in myself that has returned immense dividends. Thank you Rachel for your help.”

Gene, NJ

“Rachel is a light in the darkness to which those of us who are choosing to walk this lifetime awake, gravitate. During each session Rachel is supportive and present, and she has no attachment to your journey except as a guide to assist you. Rachel fully turns herself over to the Universe with her only goal to guide you to experience Truth and the higher perspective on your struggles. After my initial session with Rachel I felt as if an enormous weight had been lifted off my shoulders and I allowed myself to feel worthy to stand in my light and to feel unconditional love from the Universe.”

Wendy Talley, NC

“Rachel is extremely intuitive and her energy is radiant. She quickly becomes in tune with her clients, and she evokes peace and calm. On a personal level, Rachel has helped me to heal negative thought patterns, and she enabled me to regain a sense of balance and vitality.”

Marcy Kearney, NJ

"Rachel's natural and instinctive approach to her work made a world of difference to my breaking through my self-inflicted barriers. Working with Rachel is a joyful experience. Her gentle ways of guiding me through my inner struggles are supportive and very effective. I highly recommend Rachel to anyone who is interested in getting out of their own way! Thank you."

Allan D, CA