I've been working with people since 2006, assisting them in creating beautiful and powerful transformations in their lives. I am simply the catalyst in their journey of healing, partnering with them on their progression towards self love. Nudging them, encouraging them, and lovingly guiding them towards knowing the truth of their being. 

You can work with me either privately or in a group setting.

I create soul paintings and energy paintings from the place deep inside where my artistic nature merges and dances with my spirituality. You can commission one of these potent paintings to bring Love and healing to your home.




Hands on healing

Your session begins with a brief discussion of what you would like to focus the healing energies on. No detailed sharing is required. Then when you hop up onto the treatment table, and lay down, the healing session continues through my hands. You get to choose whether you would like my hands to touch you, or if you’d rather they were above your body. Simply let yourself be washed through by Grace. It’s reassuring for you to know that you will only receive what your body is capable of handling at that time.

Suitable for - absolutely everybody, whatever the issue, including physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. Newbies are welcome. Great way to begin working with me.

Duration - 1 hour

Location - Westport, CT

Expect - to feel deeply relaxed, boost your body’s innate healing abilities, and old behavior patterns and stuck emotions will begin to be dismantled and released. 

Rates - $95 for 30 minutes, $150 for 1 hour. I accept cash, checks and credit cards.

Booking - You may schedule and pay online

Discovering Freedom

In these conversational energy healing sessions, my role is that of a catalyst, guiding you to the stillness and Love that exist within you. This spaciousness and tranquility is always present, regardless of what is occurring in your universe. It is your true nature, pure consciousness. It’s closer than your own breath, yet most of the time we completely overlook it, and let our thoughts and emotions rule our lives. These sessions will support you on your path of spiritual evolution, and enable you to discover and experience pure freedom.

Suitable for - These sessions are perfect for you if you are prepared to experience brief moments of emotional discomfort, and if you have a deep desire to heal what is occurring in your life. They are a superb fit for you if you are on a path of spiritual awakening and want to know the truth of your being, with a readiness to experience the peace that lies at your core. What I will ask you to do is very simple, so the mind will want to dismiss it, but believe me when I say, although it is simple, it can be extremely challenging, and requires courage combined with deep trust. In some cases, facing what you have most avoided or disliked about yourself.

This process gets excellent results with absolutely everything if you are willing to play at 100%. By letting go of the story, combined with experiencing the energy of the emotions involved, you can open into the delicious essence of your being.

I hear some of you asking, "How do I know I am ready for this?” Quite simply, if you are ripe, then your soul will prod you, encourage you, maybe it will whisper in your ear, or you will just know if it feels right. Sometimes it throws you in the deep end, and you find yourself sending that email, or making that call to me to set up the session! You will know when, or if it’s time. I urge you to be brave, trust me (have a brief chat with me before we start working together, and read some client testimonials to reassure you), and dive in to the core of your being. You will be eternally grateful you took the plunge. It will change your life.

Duration – Varies depending on what comes up. Most often 60 or 90 minutes.

Location – Westport CT, Skype or phone

Expect – To feel massively better, extremely quickly! If you are ready to surrender to Grace, you will experience true freedom, and a sense of coming home to yourself. The power of old behavior patterns and conditionings will loosen, and you will have an undeniable and beautiful experience of yourself as Love.

Rates - $95 for 30 minutes, $150 for 1 hour, $225 for 90 minutes. I accept cash, checks and credit cards. Please decide which one you would prefer prior to your session.

Booking - You may schedule and pay online



Coming Home To Love Series

Regular gatherings are on hold for a while whilst I dive into my creativity, and take some exciting new directions in my healing work.

New for 2019!

I’m hosting some 4 hour mini-retreats, and a couple of 3 day retreats at Open Sky Yoga Barn in Redding, CT with my radiant soul sister Gisele Mogan. She is a certified Reiki practitioner, and yoga teacher, specializing in restorative postures, and sound healing. We’re teaming up to create a fabulously relaxing, fun, healing, and nourishing experience for you.

Do you need to give yourself some love? Put your To-Do List to one side for a bit, come and be with us, and find out for yourself how easy it is to connect to your true being, and feel profoundly peaceful.

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